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Electric powered pallet transporter (Nissan)

  • For short distance travel, electric powered, three models with 1450, 1800, and 2000 kg lift capacity.

Detailed information about the product Electric powered pallet transporter

Electric powered pallet transporter for short distance travel, ideal for loading and unloading transport, small warehouse and production floor work, feeding, storage and occasional order picking. Excellent manoeuvrability to work in tight spaces.

Three models - 1450, 1800 and 2000 kg lift capacity, with batteries from 160 to 230 Ah. A "bounceback" safety cut-out function prevents the operator from accidentally reversing the truck into himself.

AC TECH power guarantees instant response to the operator's slightest command, with Nissan's NTC computer onboard for precise truck control and diagnostics.

Options include a built-in battery charger, tiller-up drive for confined spaces, codeless key switch operation, salt and rust protection and cold store design and protection to -35°C are also available.

Safe control
The PLL's tiller arm is purposely offset, providing the operator with better safety and fork visibility and greater comfort.

Ergonomical design
The ergonomically-designed tiller arm is suitable for right and left handed operation, with fingertip control of all truck functions. The water-resistant illuminated LCD display shows information on battery status, hours run, clock, operational data and warning messages.

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