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Forklift Truck (V. Mariotti Mycros 6 - 8C)

Forklift Truck V. Mariotti Mycros 6 - 8C
  • With a lifting load of 600 / 800kg.

Detailed information about the product Forklift Truck

The entire range of products, specifically designed and constructed to operate in limited spaces, complies with all requirements as regards ease of handling, reliability, safety and high productivity. It comprises 11 three wheels electronic fork-lift trucks models with a capacity of between 400 and 2000kg that combined reduced size and forefront technology.

They are equipped with Mosfet type high frequency electronic system with microprocessor and energy recovery braking, separately exciting motors, standard integrated sideshifter and standard or optional power steering.

They all feature a comfortable driving position where everything is within easy reach, from the levers of the distributor, to those for reversing. The back and cushion of the wrap around seat can be adjusted independently and suspension can be modified according to the weight of the operator, who can therefore work in complete comfort and safety.

  • Fork tilting
    All technical solutions on the Mycros are designed to enhance safety and stability. Titlting of the mast modifies the wheel base.
    Forward tilting, on approaching the load, shortens the wheel base, reducing the turning radius.
    Backward tilting during transport lengthens the wheel base thus increasing traction and stability.
  • Steering Wheel adjustment
    Notwithstanding the reduced dimensions of the machine, nothing has been left to chance; everything has been studied according to the most advanced ergonomic criteria to obtain a comfortable, safe driving position. The wide range of seat and steering wheel adjustments guarantee comfort and functionality for the operator.
  • Cowling Opening
    On Mycros trucks, the battery compartment and electronic system are readily accessible. Simply lift the battery compartment cowling, which is held up by an automatically activated gas spring, so that everything is clearly visible and within reach.
  • Forks Sideshifter
    The masts feature an extremely modern design and the chains are protected inside the mobile mast to assure excellent visibility in all conditions.
    The special profiles guarantee excellent torsional and flexural rigidity, to enhance stability and load oscillation also at considerable heights. They are available in the following versions:
    • Standard: Two-stage, for cost-effective load handling where headroom is no problem.
    • Duplex Gal: Suitable for working in limited heights and essential for stacking products in areas with reduced headroom, containers and trailers.
    • Triplex Gal: Extremely versatile, suitable for a wide range of requirements as it combines the advantages of masts with high free lift for areas with limited headroom, with the highstacking capabilities essential when operating in warehouses and for other particular applications.
    On all Mycros versions, standard equipment includes the built-in side shifter device in the fork-holder plate, an essential accessory used by all those who aim to achieve high productivity.
  • 306º rotation
    Thanks to its extremely reduced dimensions, MYCROS is able to operate in limited spaces where a normal fork-lift truck cannot usually be used.
    It is extremely easy to manoeuvre and it is suitable for use in any type of environment.
Distance 500mm
Lift min/max 2870 / 5700mm
Length at the fork backrest 1290mm (included side-shift)
Width 785mm
Battery min/max 24 / 270 – 24 / 500V/Ah
Model Lifting Load
MYCROS 6 600
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