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Electric powered 4-wheel forklift truck (Nissan QX)

  • The proven leader: designed both for ease of operation and efficiency, capacity 2000 - 3000kg.

Detailed information about the product Electric powered 4-wheel forklift truck

With its latest QX Series, Nissan once again enhances its reputation for manufacturing forklift trucks designed both for ease of operation and efficiency.

Versatile all-rounders, with their excellent performance and great stability, the Nissan QX forklift trucks can be used anywhere, at any time. Created with the operator in mind, the contemporary design offers an ideal working environment where the operator can work in comfort.

Moreover, thanks to the incorporation of numerous advanced technological features a QX Series forklift truck is sure to increase your productivity and efficiency.

Operating hours and performance
The QX Series has been designed for high overall performance during extended working hours. The key performance characteristics, travelling and lifting speed and operating hours, rank among the best in the industry. The QX Series forklift truck is the ultimate tool for day-in, day-out operation.

Travelling speed
Supported by the Fuzzy Logic Acceleration Control system, the 10.8 kW motor quickly brings the QX forklift truck to its maximum travelling speed of 17.5 km/h (no load) when required. The maximum travelling speed can be set at between 5 and 17.5 km/h to suit specific circumstances.

When handling delicate loads, increased safety or reduced energy consumption: the truck always acts right!

Lifting speed
Depending on user requirements, the maximum lifting speed can also be set individually between 500 and 620 mm/ sec.

For the QX Series Nissan has redesigned the battery compartment. The new model combines a large battery compartment with a low centre of gravity.

Your advantage:

  • Excellent stability
  • Enhanced working speed
  • Maximum safety

For even greater stability in demanding applications, a wide tread version is available for both the 2.0 and 2.5 tonne models.

The unique controller does precisely what you want
The QX Series' unique multi-functional microprocessor controller puts the operator in complete command of the forklift truck. With the instrument panel the operator is not only able to monitor the forklift's status and functions, but can also set the traction and lifting acceleration.

Comfort and easy operation
The QX Series is designed for more comfort and easy operation. Conceived with the requirements of the operator in mind, the open operator workplace and ideally positioned dashboard form a comfortable working environment, leaving the operator free to concentrate on the task at hand. The result is greater efficiency and higher productivity.

Other features:

  • car-type pedal lay-out
  • spacious legroom
  • the low step
  • the grab handle
  • comfortable seat

Ever conscious of the hazards of forklift operation, Nissan incorporates safety from the very outset of the design process. The truck's low centre of gravity provides maximum stability, while the sturdy overhead guard offers optimal protection for the operator.

With the large number of optional performance settings, the truck's performance can be adjusted to every application without compromising safety.

Model Capacity (kg) Standard battery capacity (V / Ah) High battery capacity (V / Ah)
Q02L20CU 2.000 80 / 480 80 / 600
Q02L25CU 2.500 80 / 480 80 / 600
GQ02L25CU 2.500 80 / 480 80 / 750
GQ02L30CU 3.000 80 / 600 80 / 750
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