Production of flexible and tightly sealed packaging for lasting and reliable product protection.

Wiltshire, United Kingdom

About ELAG

Bags, incl. reel material that will be formed to bags at customer site - are our world.

ELAG specialises in the production of flexible and tightly sealed packaging. The materials used, e.g. mono film, Coex film, peelable film or barrier film of high density, provide products such as powder, granules, liquids, pastes or solids with lasting and reliable protection.

ELAG offer the following technologies: flexoprinting of high quality and of up to 8 colours, solvent free and solvent based lamination, production of reel material for vertical and horizontal filling machines and the processing of bags of almost any shape.

ELAG products are being used in food processing industry, chemicals industry, agro-chemicals industry, cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry and pet food industry.

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