Ekyma Ultrasound

Manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Our main values are quality and customer service, offering long warranty periods in all our products and immediate reply to any customer’s demands.

Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands

About Ekyma Ultrasound

Our ultrasound systems are manufactured with a new technology which reduces the cleaning time compared with any other ultrasound equipment, up to 30%. The generators and piezoelectric transducers are manufactured by Ekyma self and have therefore much more power, ensuring an optimal functioning machine.

These cleaning systems clean with water and completely biodegradable detergents, developed specifically for ultrasonic equipment. The detergent makes up about 3% of the tank capacity and is sold by Ekyma.

These ultrasonic units clean parts of different kinds of materials, dimensions and weight, for 100% both externally and internally. All kinds of dirt like oil, coal, lime, rubber, paint, rust, etc., are removed without any manual labour involved.

The bath is 40 to 60 days usable without changing the water. Since our entire line of units are equipped with an oil disposal system, by surface sweeping to an auxiliary compartment, the water can be used longer.

Differences with other equipment:

  • More ultrasonic power.
  • Piezoelectric transducers at 28 kHz or 40 kHz, depending on the work to be performed.
  • Ultrasonic generators manufactured by Ekyma Ultrasonidos.
  • Piezoelectric transducers located at the side of the tank so the ultrasonic waves have better range as they are not obstructed by the dirt on the bottom of the tank. This results in a maximum vibration obtained on the part to be cleaned, and the result is achieved in less time.
  • Detector with an automatic shutdown at a low water level.
  • Detector with an automatic shutdown at a high temperature (83ºC). Higher temperatures do not improve results, it only makes the water and detergent evaporate faster and makes costs for electricity unnecessary high.
  • Function display showing the percentage of detergent to be used.
  • Stainless steel frame construction.
  • Built in 2.5 mm thick stainless steel (304 and 316).

Ekyma Ultrasonidos, S.L. offers its customers a 3 year warranty, directly responding to complaints and provides comprehensive advice on the technical possibilities and the functioning of the equipment.

The ultrasonic waves penetrate all cavities and give an extremely clean result. Even the most inaccessible areas inside, impossible to clean with traditional cleaning methods, come out 100% clean.

Eco friendly
The cleaning liquid is based on water and a little amount of a specific BIO detergent.

Within minutes, the dirt is removed without any manual labour.

The amount of water is reduced to 80% and a bath needs only 3% detergent, which establishes a highly effective cleaning. Adding the amount of hours on labour you save, this is a very profitable cleaning system.



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