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Lifting machine

Lifting machine (Faraone HW)

Products from ECI

Lifting machine (Faraone HW)

Products from ECI

A minilift with a range of usage.

Product description

The HW lifting machine is a lift with a range of usage, for example:

  • Special kit for glass handling
  • Loading / unloading goods
  • Installing plasterboard panels
  • Lift used for scaffolding.

All-rounder, light, easy to transport.

Item Max lifting height [m] Max load
HW 270 S 2,7 200
HW 270 BIG 2,7 300
HW 415 S 4,15 150
HW 415 BIG 4,15 250
HW 550 S 5,50 100
HW 550 BIG 5,50 200
HW C230 1,65/2,3 100/50

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