Ear Flap

The company sets its goals in the world of packaging machinery, namely stretch wrappers for palletized loads, both fully automatic and semiautomatic.

Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana, Barcelona, Spain

About Ear Flap

We manufacture packing and packaging machinery:

  • Vertical wrapping.
  • Case forming.
  • Bag inserter.
  • Case closing.
  • Shrink wrapping.
  • Packing machines.

We also provide complete solutions for process automation:

  • Box forming, filling and sealing.
  • Palletizing.
  • Maintenance light and heavy.
  • AGVs and Automatic Warehouses.

Our own manufactured products have attracted numerous trading partners around the world. Our constant support allows them to meet the growing demand for packing and packaging machinery, as well as process automation.

We invite you to participate in our project of international expansion as trading partner in your geographical scope. You will have our support to develop your profitable business plan, sharing our know-how of the market. Write us an email to expose your proposal.

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