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Ink jet printer

Ink jet printer ( A A320i)

Products from Domino

Ink jet printer ( A A320i)

Products from Domino

With the intelligence to manage itself, this model reduces cost and simplifies the production line

Product description

Breaking the service routine

From the moment you press the start button, the A320i begins to make your life easier.

With the deployment of intelligent technology, the A320i only needs to have consumables replenished to maintain optimum performance. That's all the service this printer requires.

You save time, as well as ink, and it keeps the printer online for longer.

It’s another step forward. Building on our long standing experience of developing coders that do more to keep your line operating at its most efficient.

Green credentials

The new A320i, with a reduced service routine, intelligent ink life - minimising waste as well as 40% reduced weight (versus previous models) – helping you to reduce your carbon footprint. With advanced energy saving software the printer can even automatically shut down when your production line stops.

Technical details

Qube At the heart of the i-Tech ink system is the revolutionary Qube, which contains the working ink and ink filters. Changing the Qube is the job that anyone can do in less than 10 minutes
Quick Step Quickstep is our unique, simplified operator interface that gets the printer in action as quickly as possible. No complex menus or parameters, just enter the job and away you go
SureStart Just press a single button and walk away. it's our unique print head with a nozzle sealing and flushing process that guarantees consitent performance
i-Tech Domino's i-Tech inks are designed for optimum performance, optimised code quality, reliability and running costs

Digital downloads

  • With inteligence to manage itself, the A320i reduces cost and simplifies the production line Download

About Domino


Domino develops ink jet and laser technologies, bringing total coding and printing solutions to clients.

Cambridge ,United Kingdom