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Automatic gate

Automatic gate (Ditec Alta)

Products from Ditec

Automatic gate (Ditec Alta)

Products from Ditec

Electromechanical actuator for industrial sliding gates.

New series of automations for sliding gates, including self-supporting, which will go to join the current CROSS.

Alta consists of a base plate in self-supporting galvanised steel to which is fastened an aluminium column with an elegant design, painted marble grey or anodised as standard, but also available in the colour chosen by the customer from available Ditec colours.

The plate can be regulated in height by 200 mm, to allow the installation of selfsupporting gates, widely used in northern countries because of snowy conditions.

Alta has been designed to accommodate the gear motor, the IP55 electronic panel, the LAB 4 photocells, the safety rib devices, etc., to make fitting and maintenance operations easier.

The DIN bar is supplied as standard for any fitting of electric appliances which can be positioned in a supplementary switchboard box.

The motor is secured to the base plate. The complete base plate of the motor unit is self-supporting so it can also be sold without aluminium extrusion.

The electronic panel is positioned in the top part of the column to make standard fitting and maintenance easier.

Available heights are: 1200 – 1600 – 1800 – 2300 mm.

Product not in stock but to be assembled on request.

Technical features:

Actuators in technical column for heavy-duty use, 230 V motor, with integrated screw limit switch or magnetic limit switch, integrated control panel.


  • Painted antique marble grey
  • EURAS C0 anodised finish
  • Painted finish with colours on request.

Digital downloads

  • Electromechanical actuator for industrial sliding gates Download

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