Specialized in manufacturing doors and automatic gates.

Caronno Pertusella, Varese, Italy

About Ditec

Specialising at a global level is our company mission

DITEC is the undisputed European group leader in the automatic entrance industry with the widest and, so far, the only range of products and solutions for the whole entrance range-of-requisites (doors, entrance doors, gates, sectional overhead doors, pedestrian doors, frames, windows, barriers, etc.) for the residential, industrial and commercial areas.

Such a large, specialised and wide range has been built over 35 years' experience and know-how in a highly competitive and patchy industry which, particularly in Italy, consists of a large number of small to medium companies, each specialising in different products.

DITEC group, on the other hand, has decided to specialise globally and to ensure expertise, reliability, innovation and service resulting from a global vision on technologies, systems and developments in the world of entrance automations.

In line with this vision, DITEC group has grown, over the years, by combining companies each offering specific skills. This process was started in Italy in 1995, when the DITEC brand was first introduced, and was extended from 2000 to Europe and the rest of the world.

Distribution specialists, from the “small” to the “large” customer

For many years DITEC has distributed its products in an original, unorthodox fashion, without middle men, by using a network of installers called DITEC Experts. This choice was made after realising that, in order to survive in an ever more complex and diversified market, with different requirements associated with the type of product and with the different types of customer (private, commercial and industrial) and, above all, with the different installation and usage conditions of an entrance automation, we needed to offer the market a solid and reliable support consisting of qualified and forward looking professionals.

Business specialists for Construction & Public Works