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Compact Diesel/LPG Forklift Truck (Hyster S6.0FT, S7.0FT)

  • Designed for Heavy Duty, Intensive Indoor Applications.
    Cushion Tyres
    6 000 - 7 000kg @ 600mm

Detailed information about the product Compact Diesel/LPG Forklift Truck

A compact, LPG or Diesel-powered, solid-tyre truck, the S6.0-7.0FT Series has been designed to meet the application requirements of high productivity indoor materials handling operations, offering you a combination of clean power, excellent manoeuvrability and superior performance, unmatched in the market.

The series is available as Fortens or Fortens Advance configurations, with a 3.3L Diesel & 4.3L LPG engines, 2-speed Electronic Powershift or 3-speed DuraMatchTM transmissions as well as advanced hydraulic and cooling system options, for application matched performance.

  • The Pacesetter VSMTM industrial onboard computer permits adjustment and optimisation of the truck's performance to suit the demands of the application.
  • The electronically controlled DuraMatchTM transmission manages truck deceleration & direction changes, contributing to extending brake and tyre life and preventing transmission wear.
  • The CANbus Communications system used to manage the electronic systems ensures reliable operation of the truck.
  • An innovative operator compartment design offers easy driver access, excellent all-round visibility and conveniently located controls.
  • Complete cowl-to-counterweight service access contributes to rapid, efficient maintenance.
Model Load Capacity (kg) Load Centre (mm) Lift Height (mm) Engine Type Transmission
S6.0FT 6000 600 6200 3.3L Diesel / 4.3L LPG Powershift 2sp / DuraMatch 3sp
S7.0FT 7000 600 6200 3.3L Diesel / 4.3L LPG Powershift 2sp / DuraMatch 3sp
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