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Shipping Desiccant Dryer (Topdry H500 (500g))

  • These desiccants are 100% free of Dimethyl Fumerate (DMF).

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Detailed information about the product Shipping Desiccant Dryer

Topdry H500 is a small specification pack designed with a rotatable hanger. H500 is usual applied for protecting garments, leather, batik, quilt, blanket, fabrics, feather down, etc.

Topdry desiccants are 100% free of Dimethyl Fumerate (DMF).

Usage Suggestion

Generally, 12 bags of H500 are recommended for 1x20 feet container and 24 bags for 40 feet container.

  • Specification: 500 g
  • Size (W×H×D): 16x48x2 cm
  • Packing: 26 pcs
  • Applications: big carton or container

* Bag size may change and customised sizes are available on request.

Commercial conditions

Price: USD 3.50/Piece
Package: 26 pcs/ctn

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