Dayu Machinery

Manufacturer of surface marking & line striping equipment and high quality road-marking materials.

Zhengzhou, Henan, China

About Dayu Machinery

Dayu Lines Marking Machine Company was set up in the year 1992. We supply great amount of high quality thermoplastic machines and reflective traffic line marking paint for sale. Dayu line striping equipment has been sold well in China and exported abroad.

Dayu fabricates mainly 3 kinds of traffic line remover, milling planing type, seel brush cold paint remover and alloy cutter remover. For more details, models and types, please visit our web site.

Dayu company also provide auxiliary equipment for sale to improve your road marking construction efficiency and quality, such as DY-LU-II/I loader and unloader, roll booster and DY-TT truck-trailer, road coatings remover and pre-heater.


ISO9001;14001, CE

Business specialists for Construction & Public Works