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Payne Pallet Inverters

(Payne Pallet Inverters Ltd)

In the business over 30 years supplying machines worldwide to a large customer base, Payne is the first and original name in pallet exchange and pallet inversion equipment.

Detailed information about Payne Pallet Inverters

The Payne Pallet Inverter was invented as a solution to remove broken bags of ICI fertilizer from the bottom of a loaded pallet, therefore saving hours of manual handling to obtain the bottom bag for replacement. By exchanging on to a cheaper one-way pallet the ICI quality pallet was retained in-house.

Why Payne Pallet Handling Equipment?

Today all Payne Pallet Inverters & Exchanger and Pallet Tippers offer various solutions to your pallet exchange requirements. Whether simple bagged products from wood and plastic pallets or chep pallets to in-house pallets - Payne can offer many designs and sizes of exchangers and inverters/tippers to suit your loads and particular application. Payne Pallet Inverters have been in business over 30 years supplying machines worldwide to a large customer base. Payne is the first and original name in Pallet Exchange and Pallet Inversion equipment.

At Payne's we provide a specialist range of new and used pallet inverters designed to cover your needs.

We're also able to provide bespoke pallet inverters which are made to your requirements.

Main advantages

  • Easy pallet exchange to more hygienic or higher quality ones (food and pharmaceutical industries).
  • Easy damage load recovery
  • Increased productivity and safety
  • Less manual handling
  • Reduce pallet rental costs
  • Wood to plastic pallet exchange
  • Easy loading
  • Invert a product
  • Payne‘s unique selectable low force clamp option available
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Mailing Address Dereham Road, Beeston
Kings Lynn  -  Norfolk
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