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(Inexco Conveyor Belts)
We manufacture plastic modular belts that operate at temperatures from -40 to +200ºC. Our modular belts are designed in Canada ensuring quality and partially produced in India to give you price advantage.

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25 years of experience in toolmaking and automation solutions are key strengths of Inexco, promoters having trained under Swiss experts is the foundation for technology and quality. Inexco's promoters are working around the globe at various top end companies, who can design, develop and produce an automobile, have committed to introduce a range of products starting from material handling solutions. Captive design & development established to produce a whole range of rollers, belts, chains and accessories at lower cost have been the moto behind this new venture. Qualified team of shop floor people ensure quality & timely delivery.

Quality certificates FDA Approved Materials and Systems
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Mailing Address Vision Plastics, S.No.30, Dhayari
411041  Pune
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