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Booming Machinery

(Booming Machinery MFG Co.,Ltd.)

Producers of lifting equipment such as hoists, trollies, clamps, crane scales, rack jacks, etc.

Many items have got CE approval, with high quality & competitive price.

Detailed information about Booming Machinery

As one of leading lifting equipment and material handling equipment manufacturers in China, we - Booming Machinery MFG (BM MFG) - mainly produce equipment such as: Chain hoist, lever hoist, electric chain hoist, trolley, clamp, magnetic lifter, crane scale, rack jack, pallet truck, stacker, lift table, work platform, etc.

Many of above products have got CE approval, with high quality and very competitive prices. Based on well-established manufacturing and service systems, we have established business relation with over 63 countries/regions all over the world. We are implementing ISO9001, ISO14000 systems in design, development, manufacture, quality control and after-sales service.

We always try our best to provide high-quality, best possible service and support to our customers.

BM MFG works non-stop on improving quality and service!

Quality certificates ISO9001, TUV, CE, EMC
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Mailing Address Singapore Science Park
310018  Hangzhou
Zhejiang - CHINA
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