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Whirlowdale Trading Company

(Whirlowdale Trading Company Ltd)
Manufacture and supply of new / recycled wooden pallets, ISPM15 pallets and plastic pallets throughout UK and Europe.

Detailed information about Whirlowdale Trading Company

The Whirlowdale Group is the UK's leading provider of plastic and wooden pallets and packaging solutions. Our nationwide and European service provides materials handling and logistic solutions to a wide range of industries.

Whirlowdale manufacture and supply traditional wooden pallets, ISPM15 compliant heat-treated pallets, plastic pallets and a wide selection of metal products, cases, packaging and collars, both new and re-cycled. New and used wooden pallets are supplied in all sizes including Euro pallets and custom sizes.

Plastic pallets are also available, providing a lightweight, robust solution for hygienic, pharmaceutical use or special requirements. A range of metal products, cages and stillages is also available, please call for details.

Whether you want to buy, sell or hire pallets you can be certain that Whirlowdale can deliver quickly and efficiently and at the best possible prices. Whirlowdale is a registered EPAL trader and holds large stocks of a wide range of pallet types for immediate dispatch throughout Europe.

'Palogistics®', Whirlowdale's unique pallet management system, simplifies the purchasing and supply process, by managing the complete pallet lifecycle, from concept to disposal. To find out how Whirlowdale can help you to manage our pallet and packaging requirements, please call our experienced sales team.

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Mailing Address West Bawtry Road
Rotherham, Canklow Meadows Industrial Estate  -  South Yorks
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Press releases of Whirlowdale Trading Company

Whirlowdale Trading Company: Expanded European Pallet Service

07/06/2010, Rotherham, Canklow Meadows - Long established as one of the UK’s foremost providers of new and reconditioned wooden and plastic pallets and stillages, Whirlowdale is now delighted to offer a Europe wide pallet delivery and collection service.

Products of Whirlowdale Trading Company
  • 19921 0014.jpg | Wood Pallets

    Wood Pallets

    Including UK Standard sizes, Euro sizes, perimeter based pallets, leggers, converts, 2&4-way pallets

  • Image-CPP200.jpg | Plastic Pallets

    Plastic Pallets

    All pallets comply with British and European Standards and will meet both light and heavyweight handling needs.

  • 19921 0054a.jpg | ISPM15 Pallets

    ISPM15 Pallets

    The ISPM15 standard states that all timber must be heat treated to a core temperature of 56° for no less than 30 minutes.

  • ukn2-web.jpg | Bespoke Pallets

    Bespoke Pallets

    When you need a specific size of pallet, specify your requirements for a custom made pallet.

  • uk7-collar-web.jpg | Wooden Collars

    Wooden Collars

    Single or multi-trip collars to standard UK and European sizes

  • uk2-web.jpg | Reconditioned Pallets

    Reconditioned Pallets

    In many situations, recycled or reconditioned pallets are the natural choice as they are cheaper and more available

  • 19914 0012.jpg | Pallet Supplier

    Pallet Supplier

    Whatever your requirements, quick and efficient pallet supply is ensured through Whirlowdale's extensive stocks.

  • 19921 0014.jpg | Used Pallets

    Used Pallets

    In many situations, recycled or reconditioned pallets are the natural choice.

  • heat-logo.jpg | Heat Treated Pallets

    Heat Treated Pallets

    Heat Treatment regulations are constantly changing so please call our sales team on 01709 829061

  • ukn2-web.jpg | New Pallets

    New Pallets

    New pallets can be designed and manufactured to your specification. We also hold stocks of commonly used pallets.

  • CPP-105-220px.jpg | Hygienic Pallets

    Hygienic Pallets

    Plastic pallets are are preferred in some industries, e.g. chemicals, catering, health care, food and drink

  • CPP-105-220px.jpg | Food Pallets

    Food Pallets

    Plastic pallets are often preferred in the food industry because of hygiene requirements