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Tuffa Tanks

(Tuffa UK Ltd.)

Tuffa provides innovative, safe and reliable storage solutions, which includes tanks for Chemicals, AdBlue, De-Icer, Anti-freeze, Sodium Hypochlorite and more.

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Detailed information about Tuffa Tanks

Tuffa UK is a well established business offering a personable and professional service, whilst having the commitment and resources to go the extra mile for our customers. Tuffa are proud of their in house quality system and after-sales service.

The Managing Director, who has engineering skills to develop products and manufacturing processes, has over 25 years experience in liquid storage and dispensing equipment, and Tuffa UK is the leading innovator in tank manufacturing, a forward thinking market leader in product design and future technology to assist industry and the consumer. The factory is in central England, United Kingdom and is therefore logistically very well located with excellent transport links.

Quality certificates HEATFED, LABC, UKTI Defence and Security Organisation - Small Business Unit
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Mailing Address Dovefields Industrial Estate Derby Road, Uttoxeter Staffordshire,
Staffordshire  -  Uttoxeter
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