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Detailed information about Q-Pall

Q-Pall - the Plastic Pallet Producer

Replacing wooden pallets with plastic ones is a logical decision, resulting from your desire for sustainability, cost efficiency and environmental considerations. Opting for Q-Pall as your partner is also a logical decision if you need an innovative manufacturer with a mind of its own.

A company which, by managing the entire production, distribution and sales chain itself, can offer technical and logistic support which contributes to your optimum operational management at your enterprise too. We have summarised this ideology in: our orange values.

CO2 reduction

The plastic pallets we deliver are always customised products. The range is exceptionally large. The pallets are lighter so that you have more net load capacity. This leads, in turn, to less fuel consumption during transport. Production takes place where the pallets are needed. This is a particularly efficient system which involves moving the mould to the nearest production site in Europe in order to minimise transport costs and, thus, CO2 emissions. At the end of the life of our products, the material from which the pallets are made is reused, contributing once more to reductions in CO2 emissions.


Our products can be made from fully recycled plastic which makes our pallets a good green option. They have a long life, guaranteeing that the energy consumption and the CO2 emissions resulting from their production are very low per hour of usage. The pallets are, moreover, weather resistant, do not have to be treated with pest control agents on export and cause no risk of damage to your goods from wood splinters. We can also deliver used plastic pallets at very attractive prices.

Optimising costs

From an economic point of view, your company benefits if your logistics processes run as smoothly as possible. We have the right pallets for every specific application, so you never make an inefficient choice with us as your partner. With their years of experience and thorough knowledge of the market and its developments, our employees and dealers are able to provide you with exactly the right product advice. This is what makes us a market leader. We take a constructive approach to problems and because we control the entire chain, from production to distribution, we are flexible and can respond rapidly to your requests.

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Mailing Address Taylorweg 2
5466 AE  Veghel
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Press releases of Q-Pall

Q-Pall: The new standard in heavy pallets

08/08/2016, Veghel (Netherlands) - Fully in line with the recently introduced, 2nd generation of medium pallets, this pallet also shines when it comes to stability, static and dynamic load, racking load and durability.

How are Q-Pall plastic pallets tested?

01/08/2016, Veghel (Netherlands) - In this article, we will explain what tests our plastic pallets undergo.

5 things you have to know about synthetic pallets and hygiene

29/02/2016, Veghel (Netherlands) - For the transport of some goods, like foodstuffs, it is important that there is a certain measure of hygiene. Thanks to various characteristics of synthetic pallets, they are more hygienic than wooden pallets.

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