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(Olivo Cold Logistics)

Manufacturer of insulated containers for the temperature-controlled transport of food, pharmaceuticals and industrial gases.

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Detailed information about Olivo

Leader in the design and manufacture of insulated containers, OLIVO Cold Logistics produces and markets a wide range of portable insulated and refrigerated containers for the transport of chilled and/or frozen products under controlled temperatures.

OLIVO containers are equipped with eutectic, cryogenic or thermo-chemical cool units to maintain a constant positive or negative temperature for 24 hours or more.

Beside the transport of foodstuffs in accordance with ATP international legislation, OLIVO containers may also be used for the transport of pharmaceutical products as well as technical products using dry ice.

The OLIVO product range includes:

  • Insulated Roll containers: roll cupboards with door
  • Insulated bac containers: chest with lid
  • Eutectic plates: cold energy accumulator
  • Cryogenic solutions: using various forms of dry ice
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Mailing Address Z.I. du Galinay B.P. 19
42230  Roche la Molière
Loire - FRANCE
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Press releases of Olivo

Olivo containers at Budgens, “a company that never stands still!”

09/04/2015, Wellingborough (Northants) - Budgens, “a company that never stands still!”. These words were spoken by Steve Goodall, operations manager at the Budgens distribution centre in Wellingborough, Northants, when asked to describe their logistics operations.

Pet products company invest in Olivo containers

07/03/2014, Roche la Molière (France) - In January this year, Pedigree Wholesale announced an agreement to distribute Nature’s Menu (Europe’s largest range of natural and raw pet foods) to the independent pet trade.

Ireland's premier pharmaceutical distributor chooses Olivo

25/11/2013, Roche la Molière (France) - Olivo are ensuring increased efficiency and lower costs for United Drug's delivery operations of temperature sensitive products.

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