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G-Force Europe

(G-Force Ltd.)

G-Force Europe are a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of workplace equipment, including storage solutions, handling equipment and fundamental site and facilities products.

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Detailed information about G-Force Europe

G-Force Europe is a dynamic new supplier of essential workplace equipment, offering products for all areas of an organisation including the factory floor, warehouse, offices and outdoor areas. With such a wide range, our products are used in many applications including manufacturing, warehousing, retail, schools, hospitals and launderettes. Our product portfolio includes racking and shelving, plastic containers, lockers and cupboards, trucks and trolleys, waste and recyling bins.

From our factory in Wellingborough we manufacture a wide range of plastic products inlcuding waste bins, mobile tanks, grit bins, lockers and safety steps.  We also stock 100's of product lines for immediate dispatch.

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Mailing Address 47 Sanders Road
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