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RL-KLT boxes according to VDA 4500

  • 01/04/2016, Porto (Portugal)

  • For Demand has available three different models of KLT boxes, appropriate for car industry, due to its robustness.
  • Company: For Demand, Lda.


RL-KLT boxes can ideally be used for areas where liquids (e.g. of cleaning processes, or individual production stages) shall be drained off, thanks to its smooth sub-floor and water drainage holes. 

Stable impact surfaces on the front and on the sides allow the use in mini-load system. With quiet running on conveyors, these boxes are perfectly usable for manual handling due to their ergonomic grips at the front walls and their practical support grips on the side walls. They are also fabricated with lifting slots and special holes for fixing of lid sealings.

Fabricated in material 100% polypropylene, they are resistant to most oils, acids and alkalis, as well as temperatures from -20/+100º Celsius.

Easy cleaning due to its smooth internal walls.

We also have available a model of foldable KLT boxes, allowing a reduction of storage space when empty.

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