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FDL Packaging Group

(FDL Packaging Group)

We sell a wide range of different packaging products, from corrugated boxes to jerrycans, bottles, pails and fibre, steel and plastic drums.

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Detailed information about FDL Packaging Group

FDL Packaging has been a leader in sourcing, stocking and distributing steel drums, plastic drums, pails, bottles, IBCs, kegs, containers, cartons and other packaging products for over 25 years.

Our extensive stock levels and capacity to provide just in time deliveries have been extremely valuable to customers with a focus on cash flow efficiency, warehousing and stock control.

Moreover, as specialists in environmental packaging solutions, we can help minimise disposal costs - and with numerous UN Approved products, we can help ensure you safely fulfil all requirements for the transportation of hazardous goods.

At FDL Packaging we are friendly, efficient and committed to quality service.

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Mailing Address Abbeyway South, Vista Road
St. Helens  -  Haydock
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