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C&S Packaging Supplier

(C&S Packaging Supplier, S.L.U.)

Thermo liners manufacturer.

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Detailed information about C&S Packaging Supplier

Since 1918, we are part of Embalex Group.

We offer solutions for export on containers

  • Embatuff (thermal liners for containers)
  • Embatherm (thermal blankets)
  • Absortech (salt desiccants for shipping containers)
  • Embacover (tailored thermal protection for goods on pallets)
  • Flexitank for liquid 20" containers
  • Isothermal kits
  • Dunnage airbags

As a local supplier we manufacture special carboard boxes (double and triple wall) reinforced with wood.

We distribute a wide range of solutions and consumables for industrial packaging and wrapping machinery.

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Mailing Address Vidriería, 2
08184  Palau Solità i Plegamans
Barcelona - SPAIN
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