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The Home of the Wheelie Bin. The UK's leading online supplier of high quality Wheelie Bins and Recycling Containers. Over 12 years of online customer service. We have the lowest prices on the net.

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Detailed information about BritishBins

BritishBins is a distributor of plastic and metal Wheelie Bins and other Waste and Recycling Containers.

With highly competitive prices, they carry large stocks of bins to immediately fulfil customer requirements. They also do many types of product modifications to suit customer needs.

BritishBins fulfil orders of any value; from individual wheelie bin numbers to UK residences to dozens of container loads of bins to African countries. They supply UK local government, schools, hospitals, and prisons as well as major UK corporations and SMEs.

Quality certificates EN840, ISO 9001 & ISO 14001
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Mailing Address 4 Sydenham Ave
London  -  London
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