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(Pol-Plan Temporary Structures)

The Pol-Plan company is the longest-running and leading producer of temporary structures - lightweight tent halls, tents and tarpaulins in Poland.

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Detailed information about Pol-Plan

The Pol-Plan tent halls are erected based on innovative constructions from anodized aluminium, which guarantee their durability, safety, ease of installation and diversity of usage. The tent halls fully meet the criteria of traditional buildings in terms of functionality and serve as a cost-effective alternative.

We possess an advanced machine park, mainly based on CNC treatment machines. Temporary tent structures with an area of up to 9000 square metres can be found in our portfolio of realised projects. These are solid constructions from aluminium profiles with single or double pitched roofs spanning up to 50 m. We work globally and the quality of our halls has been recognised by clients from across all Europe, north Africa, central Asia and the Middle East. We constantly improve our technology and increase our production potential (four production halls over a 7500 square metre area) in order to meet the highest expectations in terms of quality and aesthetics.

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Mailing Address ul. Wrocławska 42/44
62-060  Stęszew
Wielkopolska - POLAND
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