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(Metrolight, S.L.)

The company develops anti-dazzle lighting technology. Our main products are: optic fiber lighting solutions, LED lighting, built-in road traffic beacons, etc.

Detailed information about Metrolight

Metrolight, S.L. is a Spanish company specialized in LED lighting and LED road traffic beacons that can surely provide you many options for your current projects.

Metrolight is specialized in lighting and decorating solutions using advanced technology and energy saving.

Some of the main national project we did are: beacons of the Expo Zaragoza Amphitheatre, lighting of the Plaza López Allué in Huesca, arquitecture project done with optic fiber in the University of País Vasco, seaside of the "Villa Olímpica" of the Juegos del Mediterráneo in Almeria, lighting of the ramblas of Almeria, floodlighted walls in Golf Santander in the City of Banco Santander in Madrid, restoration of the Fortuna boat, beacons of the Folgoso Tunnel, etc.

Quality certificates UNE-IS0 9001-2000
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Mailing Address C/ Guara, Parcela 5E
50410  Cuarte de Huerva
Zaragoza - SPAIN
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