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Kroftman Structures

(Kroftman Structures B.V.)
Kroftman specialises in the development and distribution of storage building products. Competitive pricing, free drawings & calculations and abundant stock.

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Detailed information about Kroftman Structures

Storage Buildings

Kroftman specialises in the development and distribution of storage building products. Our products range from small storage tents to semi-permanent fabric or steel buildings over 2.000 square metres. All systems are delivered as building kits or may be assembled by our construction team. Our European office serves customers in over 40 countries worldwide whereas Latin America is being addressed by "Kroftman América Latina SAS" in Bogotá, Colombia.

Low costs
Cost reduction is a central theme at Kroftman. We always aim to offer the best value for your investment. That is achieved through large-volume international production and a highly efficient office organization. Products are engineered in Germany and the Netherlands to match local requirements and produced by our quality production facilities in the United States and China.

Market specialists
The Kroftman team offers over 20 years of international market experience. This guarantees product expertise and pragmatic advice. All Kroftman products are easily disassembled and therefore a popular choice for temporary and semi-permanent applications.

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