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Eurobuyservices EBS

(Eurobuyservices EBS)

Your trusted supplier for the construction, transport and industry. Specialist supplier in Europe, USA, Japan and China.

Detailed information about Eurobuyservices EBS


Exclusive representatives of Symons Formwork USA.

  • Scanclimber Scaffolding as well as Load and Personal Lifts.
  • Machinery of all kinds, new and used.
  • Special machinery such as concrete pitchers.
  • Scaffolding and formwork, new and used. For example: beams, props, phenolic plywood for channeling and construction of roads and bridges.
  • All types of construction materials (such as pipe, steel, steel belts, vibrators for concrete, insulation materials, gensets, etc.


  • Mining machinery, new and used (excavators, dumpers, loaders).
  • Special machinery, including vacuum loaders.
  • Special equipment for mining.

Gardening and Agriculture

  • Agricultural machinery, tractors, tools for gardening and agriculture.


  • European and American Truck Heads and trailers for specific purposes.
  • Automatic container loaders, road maintenance vehicles.


  • Machinery for wood, metal and printing.
  • Machinery for mineral processes.

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25421  Pinneberg
Hamburg - GERMANY
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