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A&C Maintenance

(A&C Maintenance Ltd.)

At A&C we pride ourselves on providing first class quality service as standard. With 43 years experience at our fingertips our knowledge within our industry is second to none.

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Detailed information about A&C Maintenance

We at A&C Maintenance Limited have established over the past 43 years a network to carry out door sales, repair, service and maintenance of all types of industrial, commercial and fire resistant doors.

Over the years it is true to say that we have successfully installed and repaired every conceivable type of door or shutter.

We offer a range of services to suit all budgets to ensure that all the doors on your premises are kept safe and within the requirements of the Workplace Health, Safety & Welfare regulations 1992, which is a legal requirement.

Due to the way in which doors are used it is inevitable that occasional accidental damage will occur. Regular servicing is essential to any door to ensure smooth running and long life. Regular maintenance will ensure that damaged or worn parts are identified at an early stage and rectified before serious problems can occur.

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Mailing Address Unit 11b, Monksbridge Trading Estate, Outgang Lane,
Dinnington  -  Sheffield
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