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Daily Van / Chassis Cab (Iveco)

  • Ever since it first appeared in 1978, it has been the favourite light commercial vehicle in the professional transport sector.

Detailed information about the product Daily Van / Chassis Cab

It offers the three features that professionals most appreciate: the support of a “C” section long-member chassis, adaptability to the greatest number of missions and bodies, and the trust of powerful, elastic and economic turbo diesel engines.

All this is written in the Daily’s DNA. Because the secret of the Daily’s success is that it remains itself while it evolves. The Daily now introduces new standards of technology, performance and comfort into the world of commercial vehicles and passenger transport, while losing none of the sturdiness, practicality and versatility of a great work tool.

It introduces new and innovative content, and also upholds its tradition as the strongest and most reliable van and minibus of all. It has now become Euro 4, with more power and more torque. The styling is new, but underneath remains the strength and sturdiness it has always had.

Evolution while maintaining promises is the code written in its DNA. And this is why every five minutes someone, somewhere in the world, buys a Daily.

Press releases of Daily Van / Chassis Cab

Iveco joins the Government’s car and van scrappage scheme

01/06/2009, Watford - Iveco has signed up to the UK Government’s car and van scrappage scheme, which enables customers to scrap a car or van over ten years old and benefit from a £2,000 discount against the purchase of a new Daily van or chassis cab at 3.5 tonnes.

Iveco Daily keeps van operators heading in the right direction

21/01/2009, Watford - Iveco’s nationwide dealer network has launched a special offer for retail customers purchasing and registering new Daily vans during the first quarter of 2009 (up to and including 31 March).

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