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Foldable Crate (Exporta F-Crate)

  • Fast assemble, quick to fold and safest to handle. Industry leading food crate ideal for moving food or other products.

Detailed information about the product Foldable Crate

The F-Crate is the fastest folding crate to assemble, the quickest to fold flat and the safest to handle. Food Crate with Ergo-grip handles for superfast, safe operation. This is the industry leading Food Crate - ideal for moving food or other products.

  • One of the slimmest folding crates on the market at just 27.7 mm high when folded flat - saving you up to 40% of storage space
  • Assembles fast! Saving you time
  • Folds flat the quickest - meaning your staff are more efficient
  • It's the safest to handle - no more banging the sides of the crate to fold flat.  Simply lift the handles for swift use.

Additional features:

  • Ergo-lock system prevents injuries
  • Excellent space saving ratio
  • Cross-stacking for easier palletability
  • Colour coding available via coloured pin
  • 4 ways IML/RFID label available

Available in a variety of sizes:

  • 600x400x110 mm
  • 600x400x150 mm
  • 600x400x180 mm
  • 600x400x220 mm
  • 600x400x260 mm

The F-Crate is the standard by which all food crates are measured.

Side design Vented
Base design Vented
Handles Open
Weight Depending on the model
Material PP
Colour Grey and red
Model Outer Dimensions Inner Dimensions Folded Height Usable Volume Max. Load Capacity
02-FC6411 600x400x115 mm 576x376x106 mm 27.7 mm 23 litres 10 kg
02-FC6415 600x400x150 mm 576x376x141 mm 27.7 mm 31 litres 15 kg
02-FC6418 600x400x180 mm 576x376x176 mm 27.7 mm 39 litres 18 kg
02-FC6422 600x400x220 mm 576x376x210 mm 27.7 mm 46 litres 20 kg
02-FC6426 600x400x260 mm 576x376x251 mm 48 mm 55 litres 20 kg
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