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Collapsible mini crate made of PP (MiniBoxx Collapsible)

  • Attractive design. Effective and safe folding. Round edges and soft shape. Resistant to moisture and mold. Food grade PP.

Detailed information about the product Collapsible mini crate made of PP

Deliver your products in attractive packaging and perfect freshness!

  • Attractive design
  • Effective and safe folding
  • Round edges and soft shape
  • Resistant to moisture and mold
  • Optional equipment with biocidal
  • Food grade PP
  • Natural air circulation protects your products
  • Different colours
  • Optional with your company logo
  • Direct delivery to your customers
  • Additional benefits for the consumer as a reusable storage box
  • Collectable


  • Curb weight of the mini-box: 170g ± 5%
  • Maximum load capacity when stacked on a pallet: 75kg
  • Number per layer on pallets: 25 mini boxes
  • Number in euro box (400x600 mm): 4 mini boxes
  • FAD per euro pallet: 2,250 miniboxes
  • Total weight including pallet: about 400kg
  • Quantity per truck (Jumbo): 74,200 pieces
  • Quantity per container: 51,666 pieces
  • Height of Mini Box: 98mm
  • Height of Mini Box (folded): 26.5mm
  • Overall dimensions of the mini box in mm: 240 x 160 x 98
  • Usable internal dimensions of the mini-box: 212 x 144 x 91
  • Maximum volume filled with 2.48m height range: 625 Mini Boxes
  • 25 mini-boxes per layer
  • 25 layers per pallet
  • Overall height: 2.31m + pallet height = 2.46m
  • Total weight/pallet with 1.4kg = about 900kg
  • Delivery time on request