Manufacturer of self-refrigerated containers and thermo-chemical cooling systems.

PIA, 66, France

About Coldway

Committed to many other projects in the thermal engineering field, Coldway delivers its consulting expertise to customers with regard to cold chain problems and provides training programs for cold chain solutions.

Advanced technology (patented) allows Coldway to produce refrigeration without any electrical connections. Because the system does not require a refrigerating compressor, transporting thermo-sensitive products in a vehicle becomes cost-effective.

In fact, using a refrigerating compressor significantly increases the vehicle’s fuel consumption day after day, week after week.

Coldway offers a wide range of solutions to meet the growing needs of our customers:

Traceability, reliability, mobility and consistent quality across an extensive spectrum of sectors:

  • Healthcare (blood banks, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, vaccines, hospitals),
  • Food industry,
  • Solar energy and solar refrigeration.

Coldway is the ideal partner for supply chain managers in the healthcare and food markets and is dedicated to working closely with carriers and all players involved in logistics.

Business specialists for Containers, Pallets & Receptacles