Automatic Vehicle Location Device

Automatic Vehicle Location Device (Mentor Engineering BBX)

Products from CMC

Automatic Vehicle Location Device (Mentor Engineering BBX)

Products from CMC

Rugged AVL device tracks vehicles and collects data. Ensure worker safety, cargo security, and markedly improve efficiency.

Increasingly, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) is rapidly becoming a must-have technology for fleet-based organizations.

Delaying the AVL purchasing decision is a mistake few organizations can afford to make. With Mentor’s BBX from CMC, fleet managers can track vehicles accurately 24 hours a day, thanks to its built-in 16-channel GPS receiver.

In addition, telematic data collection helps you improve the efficiency of your fleet operation.

BBX can connect to in-vehicle devices and provide you with a variety of accurate, time-stamped fleet maintenance information, such as vehicle speed and mileage.

With BBX, you can transmit the data over your existing wireless communication platform or use it as a standalone data collector with a choice of wireless modems.

Like all Mentor products, BBX is expandable and rugged so you can expect years of dependable performance.

Protect your drivers and cargo with BBX—don’t wait until you wish you had.

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