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Chameleon Powered Floor Systems
Chameleon Powered Floor Systems

Chameleon Powered Floor Systems

Chameleon Powered Floor Systems

At Chameleon we design and manufacture a unique powered floor system that enables you to change your living space into a swimming pool, at the touch of a button.

Altrincham, Cheshire, United Kingdom

About Chameleon Powered Floor Systems

When leading architect Harry Calder was planning the design of a house in Knutsford, he was able to create two rooms in one, thanks to an innovative powered floor system.

Not that he was short of available space, but a room housing a 5m x 12 m pool was a sizeable area and just perfect for entertaining. There was just one snag - how to cover the pool with a surface sturdy enough to withstand a room full of people.

The Chameleon ® Powered Floor System was the answer. Totally unique, it simply slides out on silent rollers at the touch of a button to seamlessly cover the pool with existing décor and flooring and when not in use, the powered floor simply slides back onto a sub-floor which can be constructed either under the house or garden.

The south Manchester based architect, whose firm Calder Peel has offices in Altrincham and London, is full of praise for the flexibility and functionality of the Chameleon powered floor system.

Indeed he has recently been involved in two properties where the Chameleon has been specified by the owners...

He commented: “Chameleon offers the ultimate flexibility to create space in the pool room whether the use be for a dance floor, conference or simply a big party room. “Good design is key to creating space for a variety of different functions. In effect it future proofs the house,” he said.

Harry Calder quoted the example of a large project currently under construction where the pool room can be used as a leisure suite and gym...and swiftly converted once a month into a Boardroom for major presentations seating up to 30 to 40 directors and senior managers.

Large houses such as this of around 12,500 square feet can comfortably accommodate an internal pool room which can be converted through the Chameleon System for not only business meetings but a large dining room seating up to 80 people.

He added: “The customer is buying the Chameleon for reasons of practicality and flexibility. It creates an extra room but offers a number of options that take it beyond simply being a pool cover. ”

Manufactured by the Cartwright Group, a company which has more than half a century’s experience in engineering, the powered floor also cuts pool heating costs by up to 60 per cent, reducing a home’s carbon footprint.

And for families with young children, it allows parents to make the pool a completely out-of-bounds zone unless they are around to supervise.

As featured in Bentley, Country Life and Waterfront Magazines.