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Automatic Labelling Machine for bottles

Automatic Labelling Machine for bottles (CDA Lystop 3)

Products from CDA

Automatic Labelling Machine for bottles (CDA Lystop 3)

Products from CDA

Application of up to 4 adhesive labels and capsule crimping.

The "Lystop 3", which is designed by CDA, is an automatic labelling machine that can label and crimp capsules on your bottles. It can apply up to four adhesive labels (label, back label, medal and neck collar label) and its production capacity can reach 2500 bottles/hour with notch locating and 3000 bottles/hour. This machine represents the top of the range of CDA machines for the wine sector.

Machine equipped with:

Motorised conveyor

  • Stainless steel extrusions, created by CDA; doubled at the capsule crimping area, and receiving an acetal slat band chain conveyor with a width of 82.5.
  • The guide bars are made from 12 mm diameter stainless steel, the width of which can be adjusted to accept bottles with a width of up to 110 mm and a height of 380 mm.
  • The motorised conveyor is fitted onto a stainless steel frame that is painted blue and in which the electrical boxes are incorporated. The machine is supported by six feet.
  • A multi-format selection screw sets the spacing and pace of the bottles fed into the machine. It is controlled by a variable speed drive equipped with a potentiometer.
  • A rectangular receiving table is fitted at the end of the labelling machine.

Capsule dispenser

  • A dual-plate dispenser 750 by 430 mm
  • Capsule diameter 30 mm ± 2 mm
  • Capsule length from 30 to 55 mm
  • Capsules ejected by dual blowers
  • Bottlenecks are centred and held
  • Automatic centring system to hold the bottles
  • Bottle spacing and speed controlled by touchscreen
  • The height is adjusted by an electric motor that is slaved to the capsule crimping system and controlled via touchscreen.

Capsule crimping

  • 4 independent roller crimping heads rotating at 1400 rpm equipped with 8 rollers mounted on bearings and an automatic centring system for all sizes of bottles, mounted in parallel, controlled by a 100 mm stroke cylinder.
  • Crimping height adjustable by electric motor that is slaved to with the capsule dispenser and controlled via touchscreen.
  • Automatic bottle centring
  • Guided by two chrome-plated shafts
  • Bottleneck diameter 30 mm ± 2 mm
  • Raising and lowering speed controlled by air flow limiters.
  • Bottle spacing and speed controlled by touchscreen.


  • Label application station:
    • Back label application station
    • 3rd labelling station for the cylindrical part of the bottle with electrical raising and lowering
  • Controlled by asynchronous motors and flux vector variable speed drives
  • Electrical raising and lowering of each labelling station
  • Labelling height from 8 mm to 160 mm adjustable electrically via touchscreen
  • The length can wrap completely around the bottle
  • Label / back label speed up to 2500 bottles/hour
  • Storage of label positions
  • Label / back label position alignment via touchscreen
  • An optical cell to identify notched bottles

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Manufacturer of labeling and filling machines for adhesive labels since 1991. The company offers a wide range of solutions for the labelling of your products.

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