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Automatic Case Sealer (SIAT SM11)

  • SM11 is a range of automatic case sealing machines: intuitive, simple and fast.

Detailed information about the product Automatic Case Sealer

SM11 model is an automatic “Fixed Format” case sealer: it means that all the adjustments needed to use the machine in a correct way are done manually and for this reason it is used for long runs with same box dimensions. The machine applies automatically two self-adhesive tape stripes on the upper and lower boxes middle line. The SM11 adjustment and use are intuitive, simple and fast.

Automatic device four-flaps-folder
Manual adjustment on different box sizes by handles
Side drive belts 2 x 75 mm width each
Drive belts speed 21 m/min
2 motors kW 0,13 each
Side pressure rollers to keep top flaps one close to the other
Adjustable working height 500 – 750 mm
2 K11R taping unit 50 mm width
2 K12R taping unit 75 mm width only for SM116 model
Side safety protections connected to electro-pneumatic disconnection switches
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