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Carpet Extractor (Tennant R3 Interim)

  • It cleans small areas quickly with Tennant ReadySpace technology.

Detailed information about the product Carpet Extractor

The Tennant R3 Interim Carpet Extractor cleans small areas quickly with Tennant ReadySpace technology:

  • Clean and dry in under 30 minutes in congested areas with ReadySpace® technology that comes standard on the R3
  • Increase productivity in tight spaces with convenient forward and reverse cleaning
  • Clean in congested and hard-to-reach areas with the R3 extractor’s compact size and optional tools

Key machine features of the R3 Interim Carpet Extractor:

  • 69 dBA sound level for quiet cleaning in noise-sensitive environments
  • Lift-off Hygenic® tanks with compact design and ergonomic handles ensure easy pick-up and emptying
  • Insta-Adjust™ handle that adjusts to each operator and folds down for convenient storage

Choose the carpet care technology for your Tennant R3 Interim Carpet Extractor:

ReadySpace® Rapid-drying Carpet Cleaning Technology provides fresh, clean carpets in minutes to reduce room and carpet area closure times.

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