Butti S.r.l.

In more than 35 years of business we have acquired a strong reputation by designing and manufacturing quality products for industry and construction companies.

Cisano Bergamasco, Bergamo, Italy

About Butti

Our idea of work
We design, develop and manufacture our products without compromises. We do this with the awareness that the items supplied to our customers should make easier their work, increase safety level and safeguard the environment. We measure our business success through our customers' satisfaction and our company’s reputation. People are the most important factor of our idea of business. We invest in their training and we consider their dedication and honesty one of the most important competitive elements.

Who we are
In more than 35 years of business we have acquired a strong reputation by designing and manufacturing quality products. Because of our products our customers can move and stock a wide range of products both in Italy and all over the world. Most of our products have a CE mark in compliance with EN European rules and ASME rules for North America.

Why choose us
Who chooses us knows clearly what they want. They know our products' value and quality and choose our technical and commercial knowledge both to solve specific needs and because they know that they will have high standards of quality, knowledge and reliability. We engage in creating wealth through innovation. We want to reach the excellence in each field of our work by investing in technology, research and communication. We also work with particular attention to the environment and with respect of our territory. Our products exceed the most strict standards on each market we compete. We don’t value a project only on the economical perspective; we check carefully also the practicability and safety standards.

Research & Development
We invest in innovation, research and development to offer our customers products and services to solve in the best way every professional need and permitting them to work in a safe way, with quality and functionality. We respect carefully safety work rules.

A great choice of products always ready for delivery!
We have a well-stocked, efficient and organised warehouse, which is one of our main strengths. We always have a wide range of products ready for delivery, to meet the demands of our customers very quickly. We are therefore able to meet all your needs in record time!

Design approach
Our staff of engineers and specialised technicians work to create innovative solutions and to provide qualified assistance to our customers. If a product is not in our catalogue we design and manufacture it on customer needs.

After setting all project specifications our technical office develops the following items:

  • Constructional viability
  • Rules compliance
  • Safety
  • Functionality and satisfaction of customer needs

After this first procedure there is the developing phase of the project and then we submit it to the customer with all the related costs.

The value of quality

Quality is for us the most important value. Our goal is to manufacture products which can suit every customer's needs and in the same time respect the highest safety rules. Quality is not achieved by chance: it’s the result of a process in which is necessary to invest many energies and resources.

It’s the certification of the Italian Institute for Welding. As a certification authority IIS CERT works with accreditations of the national accreditation body ACCREDIA and with authorisations of European Welding Federation (EWF), of International Institute of Welding (IIW) and also of the "National Railway Safety Agency" (ANSF).

As certified company we can use the European mark for welding EWF (European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting). EWF training and qualification system for welders is recognised all over the world. EWF system is also accepted from ISO, as per 14731 ISO – Welding Coordination.

We are also certified by the International Institute of Welding.



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