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Permanent magnetic brakes (Corbetta)

  • Safety units with small dimensions.

Detailed information about the product Permanent magnetic brakes


These groups belong to the family of the single plate electromagnetic brakes, thus sharing with them the main features.

Thanks to the compact design, they are often preferred to the spring loaded series. Inserted without feeding and electrically release, these units can be used as safety brakes ( they engage yourself automatically in case of electric breakdown) or as motor brakes (they stop the transmission when the motor is off).

The operation is obtained by the flux of a permanent magnet which attracts the armature of the brake against the linings surface and so close the unit.

The magnetic field, generated by the excited coil, contrasts the field of the permanent magnet and open the unit.


Standard production voltage is 24 VDC and must be respected since an insufficient feeding cannot open the brake while an excessive voltage not only damages the coil, but also generates a magnetic field sets back the brake to the locking condition.

Moreover it’s necessary to respect the marked polarity which, if inverted, will not allow the unit to open.

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