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Automatic vertical case former (Ear Flap BEM200)

  • Automatic machine, versatile and compact, of easy installation and set up, as well as of very low maintenance requirements.

Detailed information about the product Automatic vertical case former

The basic structure consists of a folded cartons magazine, a system to unfold them, fold their bottom flaps, tape them and deliver the formed case ready for filling.

The folded cartons, stacked in the machine magazine, are picked one by one by a vacuum cups plate that unfold them open and place them in the forming position. An elbow shaped arm pushes them along the machine for a quick folding of the bottom flaps, the case being now ready for bottom tape sealing and filling or just bottom sealing for a later filling.

The machine features safety protections and is fitted with a touch screen on its electric cabinet for settings, alarm messages and view case formats. Depending on the magazine position regarding the case traveling direction, the machine is delivered as Left hand or Right hand execution. The frame is welded to increase sturdiness and built with steel plate and profiles; pleasant design outlook.

It is an automatic machine, versatile and compact, of easy installation and set up, as well as of very low maintenance requirements.

Touch screen

In order to provide ease of operation, the former is fitted with a command touch screen where the operator can, on an intuitive way, work on the machine. All possible parameters are programmed, as well as movements and interconnections.

Operation control

The former is controlled by a standard PLC, integrated within the electric cabinet. This feature offers much easier and lower cost maintenance and replacement tasks, as compared to proprietary electronic boards offered by other manufacturers, in case of failure or future modifications.

Electric cabinet

Coupled to the machine frame in order to centralize all connections within it and ease transportation. Besides the necessary switching inherent to the machine, it also allows additional spare room for further connections (conveyors, sealers, etc.)

Options and accessories

  • Stainless steel version
  • Hot melt version
  • Automatic size adjustment
  • Infeed and outfeed metal roller bed extensions, 500 mm long
  • Infeed and outfeed metal roller or wheels bed extensions, different widths and lengths
  • Motorised belt conveyors
  • Special requests and bespoke designs

Commercial conditions

For further information on prices, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Output (depending on carton dimensions) Up to 12 cartons/min.
Weight 400 kg
Electric power 220V 50 Hz
Installer power 1 kW
Pneumatic installation 6 bar
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) 1900x1900x1350 mm
Cartons dimensions (LxWxH) 300-530 x 165-310 x 150-500 mm
Size adjustment Manual
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