Boscaro is a solid and dynamic Italian firm engaged in the design, manufacturing and marketing of lifting construction equipment like concrete buckets, pallet forks, concrete skips and lifting clamps.

Campiglia dei Berici, Vicenza, Italy

About Boscaro

A dynamic industrial manufacturer with nearly 40 years of experience.

Boscaro is a solid and dynamic Italian firm engaged in the design, manufacturing and marketing of construction equipment. The highly skilled Boscaro management and technical design team members keep in constant dialog with the construction sector to ensure that existing and new Boscaro products meet or exceed their customer’s needs and specific requirements.

Boscaro even does custom engineering and manufacturing to specific customer requirements. Product development involves research using modern data-processing systems that guarantee reliable calculations and drawings. Each product then undergoes severe real world testing before it is introduced to the market.

All Boscaro products are produced inside a controlled quality control environment and are made of high quality steel. All products are produced first and foremost with work safety in mind and to meet and/or exceed all specified EEC and ASME directives.

These factors all combine to guarantee the final quality of each product produced by Boscaro and have made Boscaro a leading manufacturer of building construction equipment for the past 40 years. Let our experience and manufacturing quality be the reason so that your next piece of construction equipment is from Boscaro.

Boscaro in numbers:

  • 5,500 square meters of production plant
  • Introduction of new products every year
  • 200 products in our current catalogue
  • Supplier to 30 European countries and growing
  • Supplier to Canada and the United States of America
  • Many overseas nations constantly served
  • 75% of Boscaro production is now manufactured for export markets
  • Participation in four international trade shows every year.

Business specialists for Conveying, Handling & Lifting Systems