Berardi Bullonerie
Berardi Bullonerie

Berardi Bullonerie

Berardi Bullonerie S.r.l.

Company distributor of screws and bolts. It distinguishes itself for the elevated quality of the service offered to the customers.

Castel Guelfo, Bologna, Italy

About Berardi Bullonerie

Since four generations Berardi is on the market as a leader company for the distribution of fasteners and special turned or press-forging products according to clients' drawings and represents a reality that has always stood for reliability, high quality of products, flexibility and customization of service given to customers.

We started in 1919 in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna, (Italy).

Our business growth has been continuous and in the recent years extraordinary. In the early years the company has seen the reconstruction and the economic recovery after the two world wars and has actively contributed to the growth and development of the first mechanical industries which still exist in our territory.

Those were the years of the first screws that were pressed with modern high productivity machineries, while since then, fasteners were produced by the method of metal remover.

Total dedication love and passion for the family activity have been passed to children. The example of parents has always been a point of reference and departure for the activity. The care, the seriousness and professionalism of future generations, consolidated and expanded the commercial presence on the territory, maintaining the typical family relations but also high managerial professionalism and competence.

Berardi Bullonerie is a guarantee of high quality products and service. It's one of the first companies that obtained quality certification in this field and continuously invests in technology and human resources which are the real strength of the actual management. The company culture, the partnership with the principal Italian companies, the modern conduct of business, the overcoming of the sometimes conflictual relationships between customer and supplier, the passage of the concept of ''price'' and ''cost'', technical advices daily at disposal, and at last, the publishing of the new technical catalogue beginning 2009 (available upon request), are the real demonstration of the added value that Berardi Bullonerie gives to its customers.

Our headquarter is about one km from the existing highway Castel San Pietro-Bologna.

Our plant has a warehouse of 6000 sq.meters containing a range of 35.000 items in stock and we have more than 3000 customers. At the present, we have a modern organization of our warehouse supported by dedicated and innovative softwares based on wireless systems and barcodes, an efficient network of ten agencies and sister-companies present on the entire Italian territory which are connected with us in real time, a team of young valid and motivated people. All this makes Berardi Bullonerie a reliable partner for all customer needs. Our main rule is the continuous improvement to achieve the highest level of efficiency in order to guarantee our customer a rapid and effective supply of small parts and special items according to drawing. During the latest years the most significant growth occurred through the development of management systems, rapid supply of customer inventory, thanks to the logic Kanban. This allows customer to forget to manage the purchase of metal hardware and to dedicate the precious and expensive internal human resources to higher value added activities.


ISO 9001