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90 degree curve conveyor (CASI CASI 9000 Series)

  • Built in ZPA rollers and logic. Plug and play technology means no additional controls required.

Detailed information about the product 90 degree curve conveyor

Our latest 24 Volt LRC 90 degree curve is part of the CASI 9000 Series. TransMaster™ is a low cost, simple to use, safe product for transporting non wash down items. The quiet and efficient operation saves money and produces energy cost savings over traditional 480V designs. Maintenance is extremely easy when compared to complex designs like line shaft and requires less spare parts. Installation is a snap and only requires a standard 110/120 plugin.

CASI TransMaster™ curve conveyor is available in any custom color. Control options range from simple transportation operation to zero pressure accumulation zones using photo-eyes. The 24 volt operation is safe for operators and will produce large scale savings on mechanical installation and when compared to electrical control panes and PLC programming.

The following are some of the primary features of TransMaster™ conveyor:

  • ZPA is standard - prevents jams typical of live roller conveyor
  • Lower initial cost
  • Ships fully assembled, saving installation time
  • Lower power consumption
  • Reverse operation
  • No safety controls required
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