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UN/ADR Battery Recycling Bulk Box (Geobox)

  • UN approved for the safe distribution of waste lead acid batteries.

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Detailed information about the product UN/ADR Battery Recycling Bulk Box

LINPAC Allibert solid Geoboxes (c/w lid & straps) are UN approved for the transport of lead acid batteries by road.

UN/ADR Geobox Transport Package

  • Geobox bulk container with UN marking
  • Lid
  • Straps
  • Certificate


Certified UN, ADR, RID & IMDG for the transport of dangerous goods:

  • UN Certificate: BVT 1091119
  • Approved Large Packaging 50H (without life duration)
  • Packaging group Y (II & III) for 450 kg
  • Stackable 2/1
  • Dedicated for the transport of the batteries (wet, filled with acid) UN 2794

Waste batteries (usually scrap lead acid batteries from vehicles - UN 2794) may be carried in bulk subject to the conditions set out in ADR 7.3.3 V V 14.

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