Manufacturers and providers of forklift trucks, trailers and electric tractors, radio controlled shopping trolley pushers, cleaning products and chemical toilets.

S. Martino Siccomario, PV, Italy

About Baldi

Baldi S.r.l. was established in 1981 starting an intense trade of used forklifts, bought both in the Italian and European markets. The potential and the ability of our workshop allowed us to prepare and sell excellent reconditioned electric and diesel forklifts, being able to meet the customer needs for second hand -yet efficient and high quality - machines.

At the same time Baldi developed the trading of machines and products for professional cleaning systems, providing solutions with post sales advice, technical support for the high risk areas such as hospitals, rest homes and the industrial sector, looking for the best result at the lowest price.

Baldi's success in connected to two excellent Italian brands: SUTTER for chemical and COMAC for machinery. The workshop became legally independent from Baldi S.r.l. with the name of Baldi servicesnc. This new attitude allows us to control the business and to fix processes. Baldi went on to become a partner of Jungheinrich, a brand leader in forklifts producers market. A painting cabin and a battery inspection room are installed, with the last technologies for analysis and recovery.

Since 2003 Baldi has a new area: the rental of chemical toilets. The partnership with Sebach, Italian brand leader, is strategic: Baldi take care of maintenance and cleaning, with special bleeding trucks. This division grew fast, so Baldi S.r.l. invested in a new deposit and in new bleeding trucks.

Since established, Baldi deals with professionalism in electronic towing tractors, new or reconditioned, which we sell or rent both long and short term. Electronic towing tractors request trailers for internals: Baldi projects and builds different types of these trailers for industries and for hospitals; Baldi also has a “waste collection and internal transport system in for hospitals”.

In 2009 Baldi realized different equipped trailers specifically for cleaning companies working with railroad companies, an area with some of cleaning and some of forklift division: innovative towing systems to rationalize and get more efficient internal and external cleaning of locomotors and carriages.

An important multimedia room allows us to educate our workers, with specific stages for forklift drivers and for cleaning company technicians. In 2009 Baldi S.r.l. bought two new warehouses for the exhibition of used forklifts and for the production of some new trailers for the train division.

New big clients enable Baldi to expand its partnerships with American suppliers, importing specific machines for the handling of shopping carts in retail and trailers in the various industries. The increase of work and the essential need to provide the best quality to the customers took the company, in may 1999, to certify its Quality System to UNI EN ISO 9001.

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UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

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