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Vertical Form-Fill-Seal bagging station

  • Brand: TMI
  • Model: ILERBAG V

Reliability, versatility, automation and autonomy in their packaging processes, significant savings in packaging costs.

Detailed information about the product Vertical Form-Fill-Seal bagging station

ILERBAG V is the ideal solution for those industries seeking the greatest possible reliability, versatility, automation and autonomy in their packaging processes, as well as significant savings in packaging costs.


  • Compact, machine.
  • Ergonomic reel change system.
  • Photocell-based film centring.
  • Photocell for reading marks and encoder for unmarked reels.
  • ROPEX temperature control.
  • Air-based sealing ventilation by means of an accumulator.
  • Servo-driven motorised clamp system.
  • Hydro-pneumatically-driven pre-closure device. Incorporates product detection in sealing area.
  • Pneumatically-driven cutting and sealing unit.
  • Film unwinding by frequency inverter.
  • U-joint unwinding transmission with double gearing.
  • Bag support bearing plate with double pneumatic drive (bag opening and removal) and with automatically-adjustable height.
  • Pneumatic product shaking system incorporating product presence detector.
  • Slewable bag removal conveyor belt to facilitate the changing of bag tubes.
  • Step integrated into chassis to access adjustment controls.
  • All film adjustment controls placed in a small area.
  • Operator/ machine touch-screen interface:
    • provides comprehensive information on the operation of the bagging unit, self-guided menus, self-diagnosis screens, etc.
    • integrated weighing menu (single interface for the entire installation).


  • Agro-food: fodder, pet food, potting soils, seeds
  • Food products: pulses, sugar, rize
  • Construction: cements, minerals, mortars, sands
  • Mining: minerals in general, salt
  • Chemicals and petrochemicals: chemical products, fertilisers, plastic pellets


  • Side gussets formation module.
  • Water cooling
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