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Open mouth bagging system for powdered products (TMI ILERFIL ABS/ABSD)

  • Semi-automatic bagging line is ideal for the food or fine chemicals industries.

Detailed information about the product Open mouth bagging system for powdered products

This semi-automatic bagging line is ideal for the food or fine chemicals industries, or for any other application requiring high precision in weighing and ease of cleaning when changing product.


  • This bagging system has been designed to achieve the total absence of inside corners where any product remains can accumulate to cause possible cross-contamination.
  • The measured dispensing system is made up of a product dosing screw controlled by a variable speed motor that allows the dispensing cycle to be carried out in two phases (fast and fine-tuned loading), thereby optimising speed and accuracy.
  • The measured dispensing assembly can be completely dismounted at the back. This moves together with a product collection tray.
  • The dosing screw and its support are completely accessible for cleaning. They include sealed adjustment, closure and quick connection systems.
  • Designed to handle extremely fine and fluidised products.
  • The dosing screw’s bearing is coupled separately from the chassis so as to prevent contamination.
  • The machine also incorporates an inspection and cleaning door at the dosing screw’s drop.
  • The parts in contact with the product are made from polished stainless steel to prevent adherence.
  • The defluidising probe allows for the product to be densified inside the bag to permit its closure and subsequent palletising, without having to wait for the product to rest and release air.
  • Since the majority of applications are for powdered products, the installation incorporates strategically-located dust removal inlets to keep the bagging area dust-free. The inlets must be connected to the relevant filter.
  • An easy-to-use, intuitive touch screen provides the necessary user information on operation, control and weighing.
  • End-of-weighing gate to prevent uncontrolled product flows and to guarantee maximum weight accuracy.


  • Agro-feed: weed killer, vitamin correction
  • Food products: cocoa powder, amylums, flour, ingredients
  • Chemical & Petrochemical: fertilizers, powder PVC , fine chemicals
  • Building: cements, mortars & premixes
  • Mininig: carbonates, plaster, salt, talc


  • Inspection and cleaning doors to prevent cross-contamination when changing product.
  • Incorporates safety micros switches for the operator.
  • Electronic weighing controller integrated into the touch screen.
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive, providing comprehensive information for the user.
  • The bagging system incorporates the relevant dust removal inlets.
  • Product defluidising probe. Its function is to suck air from the product inside the bag, thereby densifying it, to allow for the immediate closure of the bag and its subsequent palletising.
  • The dosing screw is easily dismountable at the back to provide great accessibility for cleaning.
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