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Automatic bag placer for open mouth bags (ILERSAC A)

  • Designed to handle paper, PE or woven PP open mouth bags, reaching capacities up to 720 bags/hour.

Detailed information about the product Automatic bag placer for open mouth bags

It can incorporate any product dosing type on top depending on the product to be bagged either in gross or net weight configuration.


  • Empty bags magazine: It has two trays where empty bags are stacked. It incorporates adjustment for different bag sizes. It has a total autonomy of 250-300 units depending on thickness and bag type.
  • Bag catching group: It is formed by a main body where different vacuum cups are located. They can be easily adjusted on guides. Frame is driven by pneumatic cylinder with two movements to proceed with the complete catching cycle. Vertical & Frontal tilting
  • Bag opening station: Frontal vacuum cups tilt up once empty bag is delivered into the opening station for a pre-opening action. A lower cup acts at the same time.
  • Placing arms: Placing arms have the bag caught by its sides and tilt 90º up to deliver it open to the filling spout.
  • Filling spout: Inner opening pneumatic filling spout adjusts to different bag sizes by pressure detector. Side dams permit tightness during product discharge.
  • Bag mouth stretching and flattening: Two pneumatic fingers enter into the bag mouth and stretch both sides outwards once product discharge is over and filled bag is released from filling spout.
  • Quick exit belt conveyor: Filled bag is removed from filling area by means of a short belt conveyor driven by frequency inverter.
  • Closing belt: It is a motorized belt conveyor placed after quick exit belt. This is also equipped with frequency inverter for synchronization with closing equipment.
  • Height adjustment for exit belts: Both quick and closing belts are supported onto an only main frame with height adjustment by wheel. There is an only adjusting point this way.


  • Open mouth sacks: paper, polyethylene, woven polypropylene


  • Side kicker: Bag placer can be equipped with a pneumatic side kicking device for product settling inside the bag. This is mainly useful for flour-type products.
  • Motorised height adjustment for exit belts: Motorized height adjustment makes easier lifting belts. It also allows including all parameters at touch-screen to work trough recipes.
  • Tight-proof filling spout: It is suitable for fine products. It includes the necessary tight adjustment to avoid any product leakage during filling process. Side adjustments incorporate de-dusting nozzles to be connected to filter.
  • Bag lifter for quick exit belt: It is suitable for fine products. Bag is not release from filling spout but quick belt goes up to pick it in order to avoid powder generation by impact when unloading.
  • Bottom vibration: Quick exit belt can be equipped with a vibrating system to settle product inside the bag.
  • Motorized bag top guiding system: It is suitable for fine products. Once bag is filled, stretched and flattened by its mouth, this is taken by a set of motorised belts that take it and deliver it to the closing system infeed belts. Horizontal delivery of bag is assured this way, otherwise bag becomes unstable and right delivery to closing system cannot be guaranteed.
  • Kit for handling of side-gusseted bags: It is composed by 3 modules: Bag catching station, Side pincers at filling spout, Motorized bag top guiding system.
  • ATEX Version: It is equipped with homologated and certified components to work into ATEX 21-22 Classified Area. It is suitable for handling of products with low ignition temperature such as wheat flours or starches.
  • Anti-corrosion version: It is equipped with components and materials prepared for handling products with high corrosion level such as salt or fertilisers.
  • 90º bag pusher: is placed at the end of closing conveyor. Pushing action is done parallel to the belt level – bag bottom – to avoid adjustment for different sizes.
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